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Learning About the Circle, Square, and Triangle

Learning Objectives: Munch Kids will learn about SHAPES!

Introduction (5 minutes)

  • Explain to your Munch Kids that you are going to go on a shape finding adventure. Start off by listing your favorite shapes and asking what their favorite shape is.

  • Play the Learning Shapes Game for Kids | Educational Videos by Lulu and Munch

Instruction/Parent modeling (10 minutes)

  • Review the shapes with your Munch Kid

  • With a piece of paper and a marker draw out the shapes with your Munch Kid and then count each corner

  • Triangle 3

  • Square 4

  • Circle 0

Guided practice (10 minutes)

  • Once your Munch Kid starts to get the hang of it, it’s time to go on another famous Lulu and Munch adventure hunt!

  • Choose one shape at a time and see what you and your Munch Kid can find in your surrounding area.

  • Shapes are so much fun to go hunting for because they are everywhere!

  • Remember to always praise your Munch Kid for doing their best and being capable and smart!


  • Enrichment: Have advanced Munch Kids use the backs of their worksheet to draw what out their shapes.

  • Support: Give struggling Munch Kid help as you play with them. Reassure them you are a team and together you will discover the shapes!

Review (5 minutes)

  • Watch Lulu and Munch episode again and review!

  • Display Munch Kid’s work on wall.

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