Learn How to Make Oobleck with Lulu and Munch

Learning Objectives: Make oobleck with Your Munch Kid at Home!


  • Tell your Munch Kid you are going to get messy and have some fun!

  • Play the Episode How to Make Oobleck with Lulu and Munch | Science and Sensory Learning for Kids.


  • Corn Starch

  • Water

Optional Ingredients

  • Food Coloring

  • Glitter

  • Plastic Toys

  • Beads


  • Find a large bowl or tray

  • Add 2 cups of cornstarch

  • Start adding water a little at a time

  • Mix well (use your hands)

  • Continue to add water and mix until you have the right consistency

  • Oobleck should feel solid-like when you pick it up. It will turn into a more liquid-like substance once you stop molding it

  • Most importantly HAVE FUN!


  • Once you get the right consistency, you can start adding in other ingredients such as food coloring, glitter, plastic toys, and beads…

  • If you have a large flat surface, try pouring your oobleck out onto it. Run your fingers through the oobleck. Munch Kids love watching this

Clean Up is Very Easy

  • Throw oobleck away

  • Wipe surface clean with water or any desired cleaner.

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