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Counting to 3 with Lulu & Munch

Learning Objectives: Munch Kids will learn how to Count to Three!

Introduction (5 minutes)

  • Tell your Munch Kid that you are going to learn how to count to three today!

  • Show them you pointer, middle and ring fingers and tell them these are your Magical Counting Fingers.

  • Play Lulu and Munch | Counting to 3 | Math.

Instruction/Parent modeling (10 minutes)

  • Review counting to three using your Magical Counting Fingers and count with your Munch Kid.

  • Introduce the number game activity (instructions below)

Guided practice (10 minutes)

  • With your Munch Kid, find three similar objects around your environment. For example you can use toys, leaves, or even shoes - just to name a few.

  • Line up the similar objects and get your Magical Counting Finger ready!

  • Together begin to count objects 1, 2 and 3.

  • Make it fun! Use silly voices, high voices, low voices, soft voices, and loud voices.

Independent working time (5 minutes)

  • Once your Munch Kids get the hang of it, have them go on an adventure to find three more similar objects.

  • Get out your Magical Counting Fingers and encourage your Munch Kid to count on their own. Always give support if needed.

  • Always praise your Munch Kid for doing a good job, trying something new and being so capable!

Review (5 minutes)

  • Watch Lulu and Munch | Counting to 3 | Math again and review.

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