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Learning Colors With Lulu & Munch | Playing With Colored Dough

Learning Objectives: Munch Kids will learn about COLORS!

Introduction (5 minutes)

  • Explain to your Munch Kids that they will learn about COLORS by listing your favorite color and asking what their favorite color is.

  • Play the Learning Colors | Playing with Colored Dough Episode

Instruction/Parent modeling (10 minutes)

  • Review the colors your Munch Kid learned about.

  • Tell your Munch Kid they will play the “Eye Spy” game and become a color explorer

  • “Eye spy with my little eye something… (insert color here)!”

Guided practice (10 minutes)

  • Play “Eye Spy” with your Munch Kid using colors as examples. This gives your Munch Kid the opportunity to be a color explorer!

  • Focus on one color at a time and go on a color hunt around your house or the park.

  • We encourage you to praise your Munch Kid for discovering new colors.


  • Enrichment: Have advanced Munch Kids use the backs of their worksheet to draw what they find using a pen/crayon in the corresponding color.

  • Support: Give struggling Munch Kid help as you play with them. Reassure them you are a team and together you will discover the colors!

Review (5 minutes)

  • Watch Lulu and Munch episode again and review!

  • Display Munch Kid’s work on wall.

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