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What's Inside the Magic Box? | Big and Small | Math

Learning Objectives: Munch Kids will learn about the difference between big and small.

Introduction (5 minutes)

  • Have your Munch Kid follow your body movement. Make your body as small as you can, then make your body as big as you can. Make sure to emphasize big and small when your body is in those sizes.

  • Play the Lulu and Munch Magic Box | Big and Small | Math episode.

Instruction/Parent modeling (5 minutes)

  • Ask your Munch Kids about the video they just saw.

  • Talk to them about what object became big (egg) and what objects became small (apple and banana).

Guided practice (10 minutes)

  • Have a big and small treasure hunt in your house or at the park. See what you can find together that is both big and small. Maybe a leaf? A Ball? A Chair?

  • Lay out some of your collected treasures side by side and have your Munch Kid discover the big and small sizes with you. Lay them in order from big to small.


  • Support: Give struggling Munch Kids tips. Help them compare your body size to theirs. Put the palm of your hand to theirs to show big and small. Measure your feet to their feet to also show the difference between big and small.

Review (5 minutes)

  • Watch Lulu and Munch episode again and review!

  • Display your Munch Kid’s treasures and have them point items that are big and then items that are small.

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